Before considering a subject on any other level, I see it first as an arrangement of light and shade, form and texture transcribed onto a flat surface the final print and it must work on this abstract level before any other qualities can be considered. A monochrome image distills a subject down to light and shadow alone, emphasizing its formal and textural elements and the quality of the light.

The black-and-white photograph is a pure, essential, statement of beauty.

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Light: Abstract Wheeler Dam, Tennessee River A Simple Grace
Rust and Peeling Paint Lonely Weed, TVA Reservation. Doorway Back-Alley Abstract
The Docks Tonal Etude Joe Wheeler State Park From Within
The Way of Nature Seed pods Cypress Trees Cypress Trees
Skyscape #3 Peppers Banks of the Tennessee River The Rockpile, Florence, AL
Zinnia Atlanta, GA Outlet to the Tennessee River Stillhouse Hollow Falls, TN
Leaves Dogwoods